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Airline Pilot Experience Day

Have you ever wondered about the world of the airline pilot? Do you envisage a glamorous job of flying all over the world by merely pushing a few buttons? Well, this experience day will show you some of the realities of being an airline pilot.

After being welcomed to the airport (along with other like-minded individuals), you will tour the hangar containing aircraft similar to those used in basic training, learn about the qualifications needed and some of the technical subjects to be mastered. (It should be stressed that this experience suits those who may wish to go no further than the PRIVATE PILOTíS LICENSE, as well as those wishing to become professional pilots).

Then you will fly in the training aircraft with a former airline pilot whose experience totals many thousands of hours in a variety of aircraft. The flight will last 15-20 minutes, including hands-on experience. This time can count towards required time for PRIVATE PILOTís LICENSE issue. Light refreshments are included on a continuous basis, with a cold buffet provided appropriate to the time of day.

We encourage participants to bring family and friends to the airport, but we regret that only participants are allowed in the aircraft and lecture rooms. Maximum pilot weight is 16 stones / 102 kg, and maximum height 6 ft / 1.83 m, minimum age 14; adult supervision is required for under-16s on airfield premises. Please allow up to five hours for this experience; weather and operational considerations play a part in the time span. On the day of your experience please bring a valid driving license, passport, or other identification document containing a photograph.

Group bookings can be accommodated (minimum six persons). Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Vouchers are available on line at a cost of £125.00 per person, or by calling reservations on 01253 341238, vouchers are dispatched the same day and are valid for 6 months, Airline Pilot Experiences run throughout the year and are booked on a first come first served basis maximum participants are 12 in any one group.