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PPL(A) - Private Pilots Licence (Aeroplane)

Learn to fly a fixed wing aeroplane and gain your Private Pilots Licence is a dedicated training organisation whose aim is to help you enjoy flying, whether this is a student pilot, flying for pleasure or training for advances licence ratings.

Most prospective students are usually apprehensive of walking into a Flying Club full of strangers, however we do recognise this and try to put members at their ease and create a friendly atmosphere. The club has spacious briefing facilities and comfortable lounge area where members and their guests can relax with a cup of tea or coffee. On the training side, we have a fleet of standardised aircraft to help students with their familiarity.

Most people feel that learning to fly is beyond their capability, but this is not the case. All it takes to learn to fly is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. You need no other qualifications. You will need a Civil Aviation Authority (C.A.A.) Medical Certificate. The medical has to be carried out by a C.A.A. approved doctor, not your own GP and although it is not as stringent as some believe, it does include a hearing test, a simple sight test and if you are over the age of forty, an Electrocardiogram and chest x-ray. These medicals can be arranged locally.

The training for a Private Pilots Licence (PPL) is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority who require a minimum of forty five hours flight training following a recognised syllabus consists of a number of segments or exercises, each introducing a different aspect of aircraft handling, navigation, meteorology and Radio training.

When you book a flying lesson, you will receive a pre-flight briefing on the exercise that you will be covering during your flight. Once your flying lesson is completed, your instructor will discuss any points about your lesson with you.

As there are seven written examinations to pass before applying for a licence (Human performance, Aviation Law, Meteorology, Navigation, Airframes & Engines Communications and Flight performance), there is also a Radio Practical towards the end of your training, you will find that you have some learning to do in your own time. does organise ground school lectures at varying times, depending upon the requirements of the students currently learning to fly. We use a series of study manuals to help with the ground training and these, along with other equipment that you may find you will need are available from the Club.

A PPL course can be completed in as little as four weeks on a full time basis, although, as most people learn to fly in their leisure time, it can take around six months to a year. The only limitation on the time scale is your own available time. It is worth bearing in mind that if a longer period is left between flying lessons, it may take a few more hours to achieve the proficiency required for the flight tests at the end of the course. One thing that all Private Pilots learn though, is patience. The weather may not be suitable for the time at which you have booked a lesson but this gives you the opportunity to complete some ground school, ask questions of your instructor or whatever.

At the end of the course, you will have completed a minimum of ten hours solo flying (including solo cross country flights) and approximately thirty five hours dual flying with an instructor (this will include general handling and cross country flights). The final stages to gaining your PPL are to complete a qualifying cross country flight where you will fly solo and land at two other aerodromes in addition to returning to Blackpool and a Skill test There is also an Oral test on the aircraft type that you have flown.

Our fleet of aircraft is varied to give you a choice to learn on. We have the popular Piper Cherokees 140s, a low wing, four seat aircraft; and a Piper Warrior a low wing aircraft, and a Cessna 172 great for taking pictures! Once you have gained your PPL, you will be qualified to fly any of these aircraft and any other single engine piston land aircraft. The club does ask that you complete a conversion flight with an Instructor for any aircraft which you have not flown before.

All our aircraft are available for PPL hire once you have gained your PPL and encourages its PPL members to fly out to different aerodromes and to go touring. The club does organise Fly-Outs from time to time and these are ideal for recently qualified PPLs to join more experienced PPLs and gain more experience themselves, whilst enjoying a few hours out.

As experience is gained many pilots wish to improve their proficiency and undertake advanced flight training. The advanced courses include:  Night, and type ratings. Information sheets on these advanced courses are available from the Club.

Whether you are interested in a full course or are just thinking about flying, take a Trial Flying Lesson at an introductory price. The thirty minute flight will give you a relaxed introduction to flying without any obligation to take it further.  Please feel free to visit us at the Airport, or telephone to book your Trial Lesson, is open seven days a week with the first flying lesson starting at 09:00 hrs.



PRICE LIST AT 1st November 2014


Aircraft Hire (includes fuel)                                 135 + VAT
Landings are recharged at cost                            15 + VAT
Instructor Hire                                                 45 + VAT

You will need to purchase Aviation Charts, study manuals,Navigational equipment, Aircraft checklists, Pilots log book     250 (approx.)

A voucher, which you can place in a Christmas Card, a Birthday card or any other special occasion:

Half hour trial lesson: 100
Half hour aerobatic flight: 160
One Hour Trial Lesson: 180


45 hours @ 135 per hour:
Instructor Charge @ 45 per hour: 2,025
Landing Fees, 100 @ 15 (approx): 1,500                           
Skill Test, Examination Fees: 400
Equipment (approx): 250
Membership Fee for the year: F.O.C

TOTAL (approx): 10,250

For Pre Paid accounts a discount of 10%
For Credit Balances of 1,000 a discount of 5%

Learning to fly will take approximately 45 hours, depending on the individuals aptitude.